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“Going Visual” is a blog, supporting us in a doctoral level course at West Virginia University: IDT 640 Visual Literacy. Because this course is about being literate using visual images – only made sense to create a visually oriented site.

Purposes for blog:

1. Weekly advisories will be posted in this blog, rather than the usual weekly emails that I usually send out in my other online courses.
2. Your comments, critiques, and contributions.
3. Links to video clips that I produce on VL topics and VL activities.
4. Links to other sites, clips
5. Text and visuals that support the course requirements

I’ll be creating CATEGORIES as I see the need to organize the postings. These are listed on the right. Categories are essential to organizing blog postings. If you see a category we should create – let me know.

Another purpose for this blog is to model the use of WordPress as a blogging application for educational purposes. I am learning how to use it, so if you have any insights or lessons-learned let me know.

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