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We pause for this Award announcement

April 24, 2012

There was a poster session in Allen Hall recently demonstrating student research. The College announced some awards:

1st: Dana Cihelkova (doctoral student in TLC) Title “Dilemma of Researchers: Crisis of Methodologies, Methods and Results”

Dana is an interesting graduate student, from the Czech Republic, I believe. She guards the space outside of my door. She had a tough week, so this announcement probably helped her mood at the end of a semester.

2nd: Molly Drescher (undergraduate in Speech Pathology and Audiology Department) Title: “A Retrospective Review of the West Virginia; Special Olympics Healthy Hearing Program”

3rd: Todd Ensign, Beckley Tracy (KER-CHING), Clark Brent, & Amy Phillips (doctoral students in CI/LS/TLC/NASA Independent Verification & Validation Facility Educator Resource Center) Title: “Analysis of Student STEM Interest From NASA Workshops.”

Poster sessions simulate pretty well research dissemination at conferences. They give the participants good opportunities to interact with others. The visual layout of a poster is part art and science. Most have too much text on them, but there are ways to minimize and organize that text.

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