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Believing is Seeing

April 11, 2012

Here’s a poem, “Believing is Seeing” – something different – to visualize and ponder.

Some learning takes a long time to sink in. Some ideas take years to “click.” Some “learning outcomes” can’t be assessed well, as a result, as many types of learning take time to develop, much longer than a 15-week course. Valuing poetry would be one of these outcomes. Any attitude where change is involved can take time would be another. Sometimes just making sense of concepts like a mathematical function and especially the idea of limits from calculus. Philosophical ideas sometimes don’t make sense until you have some live behind you.

Sometimes people learn stuff from a course, workshop, an experience that you didn’t plan on. These are known as “incidental learning” outcomes. Playground activity is a site where kids learn quite a lot. In my ID course at the end I always ask an obvious question: what did you learn? Sometimes I learn from you what you learned.

The above page link is from a site called “Best Thinking.” I’ve got a paper on the site somewhere about another Big Idea, an extension of Thursday.

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  1. April 11, 2012 2:06 pm

    How ironic. I was teaching a writing lesson with first graders today with pictures of clouds as the prompt. I saw a dragon blowing smoke in the example picture. You’re right about attitude changes taking time, as that is often a frustration in my profession.

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