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Photos of Desks

April 5, 2012

In this course and one of my earlier EDP courses, Cognition in Social Contexts, rather than asking for a Face Photo and an Introduction I ask everyone to send me a picture of their desk. I believe that this image provides clues in how one thinks and works, as well as what one values.

From the desk of…

Is one of my favorite sites for Desks as introductions to interesting people. One of my interests is studying how people do what they do, development of expertise, and in particular the thinking tools they have developed in their lives. One feature of the old Visual Literacy course was having people develop a visual-book of their thinking tools. I might do this task as well as in the above Cognition course, if I teach it again. I could never get many people to take it. It’s probably the hardest course I have taught, both in subject matter and getting people to read and think.

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