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Weekly Course Advisory – Week 11 – TED Talk Critique – April 2

March 19, 2012

V8 PPT Critique and Your PPT Due: midnight Monday, March 12. 2012

V9 Prezi Critique and Your PPT Due: midnight Monday, March 19. 2012

V10 TED Talk Critique due April 2 (5%) I’ve made a Critique its own Visual Activity, as everything flows into the TED Talk production. Start with seeing how others produce a message for a particular audience.

Check the Visual Activities document. You’ll note for V10 under guideline #2 to do a treatment posting: purpose/audience, ideas/content, and presentation-features/treatment. Without a clear notion of your audience and why your idea can help them, then you have no TED talk. You might as well go talk to a mirror.

V11 See Guidelines for V11a (production-15%) and V11b (peer critique-5%). You should be firming up on an idea. You could modify your PPT or Prezi and use that. Is this what you want to be known for?

The TED Talk is a narrated presentation. You don’t have to be on camera but we need to hear you. Use PPT, Prezi, Camtasia/Jing (limited to 5min visual, however) (or other screencasting product) to present your visuals. Mix text and visuals carefully. Again you should run all communication products through: What-Who-How thinking.

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