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Course Advisory – Week 9 – Presentations & Treatment

March 5, 2012

V7 Online Presence Critique and Edit Your Blog: Due: midnight Monday, March 5. 2012 Deadline extended from Feb 27

Post #1 on your blog: a link to another blog and in the posting critique its features based on 4 categories mentioned in the Visual Activity Guidelines.

Post #2 on your blog: Determine changes you want to make on your blog – changes that match what you want the world to see that says something about you, your brand, your online identity. Edit your blog settings based on features from the critiqued blog you want to use. List the changes you made so the rest of us might adopt them.

V8 PPT Critique and Your PPT: Due: midnight Monday, March 12. 2012. See Visual Activity Guidelines

Week 9 Truth – Beauty – Wisdom: Now that you are beginning to design actual presentation materials in the PPT, Prezi, and TED Talk, it’s useful to share the following tool, a Treatment Document, that I’ve used for years, and necessary for any presentation you make, course you teach, book, commercials you write, etc. For example, the two Allyn & Bacon textbooks I’ve published required such a document before a contract was signed. Without thinking through these questions and WRITING down the answers, you will produce the wrong message for the wrong audience using the wrong techniques.

Q1-Audience (the king of all questions): WHO is your audience? Educational version: Who are your students/learners?

Caveat: if there are pressures to make this presentation meet multiple audiences, that is a FLAG that what you create will reach none of them well.

Q2-Content: WHAT is your message? WHAT are you trying to achieve? Educational version: What is your “content”?

Caveat: If you have taken my ID course, you know that “content” usually involves more than subject knowledge.

Q3-Treatment: HOW will you design your presentation/media/book that communicates your content to your audience?

Treatment includes production details that are partly technical, but mostly how you use the medium to communicate. How do you use voice, text, images, formatting, story line, emotion, characters, post-production editing/efx, etc. How does the treatment help you achieve your purposes (WHAT) to your audience (WHO).

TREATMENT DOCUMENT: WHO – WHAT – HOW.  Answer these questioins for your PPT, Prezi, and TED Talk. You’ll be glad you did.

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