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Week 8 Course Advisory – PPTs

February 27, 2012

V6 Infographics: See this IDT640-Compilation-Infographics in which I combined everyone’s infographic and explanatory text

V7 Online Presence Critique and Edit Your Blog: Due: midnight Monday, March 5. 2012. Note the week’s Extension.

Post #1 on your blog: a link to another blog and in the posting critique its features based on 4 categories mentioned in the Visual Activity Guidelines.

Post #2 on your blog: Determine changes you want to make on your blog – changes that match what you want the world to see that says something about you, your brand, your online identity. Edit your blog settings based on features from the critiqued blog you want to use. List the changes you made so the rest of us might adopt them.

V8 PPT Critique and Your PPT Due in 2 weeks: March 12

PPT and Presentations: Presentations involve two activities: (1) designing the PPT FOR a presentation, and (2) delivering the presentation. You usually don’t do 1 unless you do 2. We don’t love PPT unless we have to do one. Of course, there’s Keynote on the MAC, which I do use and sometimes export to PPT.

Part 1 of 3: watch this 7.00 video from Daniel Pink using the technique of Pecha Kucha (pe-chach-ka) to keep presentations short.

Part 2 of 3: listen to me using the pe-chach-ka technique over a PPT I developed for a visual literacy class some years ago. (6.40). What I like about pe-chach-ka, 20 minutes – 20 seconds each is the fact that I’m done in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, so I have to know my message and I have to have visuals that are well, visual.

I’m kind of nervous about this week’s topic: powerpoints and presentations, as I’m scheduled to make a presentation in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon, March 8. I’ve drafted up the PPT with a handout and here’s a screen capture of what the presentation looks like. All of the links I’ve checked out on Presentations has got me nervous. There’s still way too much text here, but it’s only a draft. I’m not the only one presenting which leads me to make some compromises.

JoJo in this course will also be at the same conference, so she can confirm first, that I really was at a conference and second, how I did, if she attends. We have an hour – the audience is full of teacher educators and some public school teachers, and maybe even students. I am one of 4 people involved in the presentation. Sarah Steel, Program coordinator of the 5-year teacher ed’ program at WVU will open the presentation for about 7 slides, I am next for another 7 slides, and we end with two students who are talking about their Project-Based Learning unit that they taught at East Dale Elementary in Marion County. I wrap things up at the end.

These units were developed in one of my other spring courses. So I drafted up the PPT and made it as visual as I could. I made a similar presentation at last year’s conference and had some visuals from that one – which I could use for this presentation as well. There’s also a handout, which is not the PPT slides, but a lot of the details so people can refer to them. The most important part of the handout are the email addresses of the presenters.

I’m used to making presentations – I’ve done over 70 presentations at conferences like this, so I’m familiar with the process. I was nervous when I first started and I still get anxious. Anxiousness just means you are paying attention. In a few weeks I will have to some still images from the conference and a report from JoJo if she attends.

Part 3: Emotional appeals on presentations: Using humor to make an emotional appeal and communicate some good ideas. Here’s Don McMillan: Life After Death by PowerPoint

Don McMillan dramatizing the need to understand your audience and wrong way to use a presentation. This humor is known as tongue-in-cheek humor – when you are being serious on the surface.

Resources on Typography and PPT later this week. I have them now, but this post is already too long.

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  1. February 27, 2012 6:34 pm

    We also present on Thursday, but as long as we do not have the same time slot I will be there. I am working on our presentation this week , and I am hoping to use it for the assignment for this class, so the pressure is mounting. I, too, get very anxious before presenting. Hope to see you there!

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