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Online Presence Critique: Syn-Aud-Con

February 24, 2012

(a) Rationale for choice: Syn-Aud-Con stands for Synergistic Audio Concepts. It’s the name of a company that provides audio and acoustic training in sound reinforcement systems, recording studios, broadcast, etc. Here’s what the web page looks like:

I’ve attended two of their seminars many years ago when I was in radio broadcasting. The first seminar was 3 days in the basics of acoustics and audio. The book used is Sound System Engineering (now in its 3rd edition). The second seminar was called a Time-Energy-Frequency (TEF) Seminar, an intense week in southern California, where I met some amazing audio professionals including the legendary Richard C. Heyser (google him) who led the seminar. This is a story in itself, possible for later if you’re interested. It’s worthwhile story to read about the founders of the company, which I met in both of the above seminars. For years I subscribed to their interesting technical newsletters, which I still own as well as the technical papers written by Heyser. For those who might be familiar, TEF measurements were developed out of this organization, the LEDE studio design, as well as the PZM microphone was developed from this community. Here’s their philosophy:

(b) Blog purpose: the original founders sold the business some years ago. But they continue the F2F seminars and recently added online training. After being gone for some years I re-upped my membership and have access to their membership-only blogs. Since you can’t see the blogs I have inserted a few still images.

(c) Visual features that support purpose for blog: The front end of the blog is organized by categories, so you have to pick your topic and go there. Most blogs have a recent posting of text and images with the categories to the side of the screen. Not here. The main blog page is a list of blog categories, although they do have a second set of categories – the names of the major bloggers – this is useful to the audio field, as many of the innovations in audio/acoustics is tightly connected to researchers and studio professionals. Here’s a posting example, one that’s relatively   easy to comprehend:

(d) Features might you use in your blog: I found the overall web site confusing at first as one has to be a member to get to the good stuff, but that’s necessary to protect much of the proprietary expertise and to protect their intellectual capital, which is the content for their online/F2F training. The conversation is very technical, but that’s the meat-and-potatoes and comfort food of this organization.

What I got out of my involvement years ago was being in the company of professionals and that your expertise was valued. Syn-Aud-Con I believe was my best and most rewarding educational experience. In general, the idea of “intense learning experiences” is something I came away with and may yet implement successfully at the university setting, but would you want to take a course like that? Summer courses make sense in this way, but I believe there could be other semester offerings that feature an intense approach – you’re in for a dedicated period of time and do a lot/learn a lot, then are released back to real life.

To get back to the (d) item – I’m not sure if anything on their blog or website is what I would use in my own materials, but the idea of organizing my productivity, my published papers, presentations, working papers, etc (which is currently on a site (Apple) might be organized as categories like the Syn-Aud-Con site does. I’ll be moving the materials to a WordPress blog site sometime this spring, as the online hosting by Apple goes away June 1.

Sample of what their F2F training is about

Sample of their online training found here

In the sample they included an info-graphic on the “signal chain”:

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  1. February 27, 2012 9:05 am

    Regarding organizing your work, have you discovered It’s a virtual bookshelf where you can upload documents, and bookmark websites in an organized virtual notebook.

    • February 27, 2012 5:14 pm

      maybe live binders is what I need – a site to archive .docs/pdfs, opts, and links

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