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What does music LOOK like? Soundcloud

January 27, 2012

Back in November before the course started I posted about the online app called Soundcloud, a site to post your audio creations. What I like, being an audio guy, is that the site presents the audio file as a audio waveform, which visually displays the dynamics of whatever is posted. It’s a place to share what you create – get some feedback. Plus you can insert comments to the artists at specific points along the waveform file. If you edit audio (or audio with video), you’ll edit this type of image. Back in the olden days I used a splicing block and physically spliced magnetic tape. I miss the tactile sense one needed to develop. Also the skill in manipulating a razor blade, which was used to physically cut the tape. Alas, a psychomotor skill I had but can’t use any more.

Below is a sample of Soundcloud: “lighthouse (live)” taken from no-man’s forthcoming “love and endings” album (released 12th March 2012).

“love and endings” sees no-man’s core duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson joined by respected classical violinist Steve Bingham and regular collaborators Michael Bearpark, Andrew Booker, Stephen Bennett and Pete Morgan.



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  1. January 27, 2012 2:35 pm

    I checked the site, actually the uploaded file with audio wave with pictures. It is like watching video file in any video editing software but audio is the main guy here. It was interesting, I shall say, an interesting coincident. Because just this morning I was watching videos after videos on wind sculptures and wind harps on sites. Although it must be an awesome experience to be surrounded with sounds of wind through sculptures. Most of the video contained naturally occurring wind beating on microphone so it was distracting. But the principle of wind sculptures is that it needs the wind to function. Windless days cannot be picked to shoot a video. I was just wondering how professionals would handle this problem. Actually I found one video with perfect audio recording and i am suspecting the audio was done at studio. There was a wind sculpture on San Francisco Bay but actually there are many everywhere. I thought that was cool that you send this link to talk about audio wave and how music looks.

    • January 29, 2012 10:03 am

      Good video production questions:
      Depending on the turnaround time for the production, you would gather as much original footage as possible. Producers sometimes brag/cry about the video shot-to-video used ratio. 100 hours to 1 hour used for example.

      The microphone type, microphone placement would be factors here. There are audio people who do nothing more than gathering ambient noises, so they would know how to handle issues such as wind. At the very least, the microphone would have a set of windscreens on it or around it. One challenge is that the real sounds don’t always sound like the real sounds, due to the limitations of the microphone.

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