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January 22, 2012

For those of you who took my ID course, you remember the ID model task. Over the years I’ve seen in your ID models sometimes metaphors that I see as metaphors of your teaching. My doctoral advisor and I many years ago, in a published paper, categorized those views as (a) teacher-directed, (b) student-directed, (c) externally-directed (by school, state pressures), and (c) context-directed (e.g., special ed teachers).

In one of my other spring courses with 41 new teachers, Teaching with Visuals, I asked them to submit 4 examples of visuals, like you did, but I asked them to submit a 5th photo: their view of their students.

The photo is a screen capture of the 5th images. I admit you can’t see the details very well. But I wanted to show you the compilation as one video. Below is a PDF of the collected images. One can learn a lot about

these new teachers and how they see their students. There’s a lot of “technology” perceptions, but I think young people bring more with them than “a focus on technology and the latest gadget.”



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