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HS student proposes cure for cancer (as i was saying)

January 22, 2012

There was a story on CBS Sunday Morning (january 22) about a high school student who wrote a paper on a way to cure cancer.  CBS Sunday Morning story

This is another example of what I was talking about in one of my big ideas – that intelligent novices can solve problems experts can’t.

I do believe that expertise takes time to develop – 10 years according to Howard Gardner, the multiple intelligences guy, as well as others. When I complete my info-graphic of your job histories I’ll bet we see some of those ten year periods in your work. The HS student didn’t just dream up this cure – she worked hard at understanding other research papers. She called the process “a puzzle” to figure out, “being able to decode something.”

Your big idea doesn’t have to be at this high level. Check out Lee’s posting about dealing with past fears about reading – he’s got something interesting there.

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