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Designers Share Wisdom with First-Year Students in Poster Series

January 8, 2012

The lesson from this posting is this (I think):

Tap the wisdom of your graduates and pass on to your current students.

My wife teaches a Design Thinking course for sophomores in her Interior Design and Design Studies Program, and we were talking this Sunday morning about the use of reflective assessment at the end of each F2F meeting. Among other things, I suggested that she tap the wisdom of one course graduate (now a junior) for co-teaching this year. In my case, I’m working on ways to have IDT graduates stay invested in the IDT program by sharing what they know, critiquing the work of existing students, and sharing what they are doing now.











tomorrow, MONDAY, the first Course Advisory for Week 1.

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  1. January 8, 2012 1:17 pm

    This particular visual puts me mind of last summers TIS Cohort Training. We were sent to ISTE, where we picked up literally hundreds of useful websites with thousands of useful ideas. Then, we were sent to the WV State Technology Conference, where the same thing happened. I remember thinking it would take me a month just to sort out everything I had collected. When I finally got back home, and back to actually doing my job, I realized that a large number of ideas I was exposed to were not appropriate for my teachers at this stage of their technological development. The key, was to pull the RIGHT idea for that particular teacher at that particular moment. In essence, the TIS is like a filter for the rest of the teachers.

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