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If you don't want to be sent email advisories anymore, let me know. I'm gone in July.

What does MUSIC physically look like?

June 28, 2012

One way to see what music looks like is to view a a 2-D waveform, which is a feature of audio editing software.

Martin Klimas, a German photographer threw some goo on top of a loudspeakers and took a picture of what happened. It’s another 2-D representation of a 3-D event.


An artist’s take on Facebook

June 21, 2012

An Absurd, Real-World Reinterpretation Of

Your Facebook Feed

Nicolas Ritter set out to create a series of absurdly literal recreations of how we behave in online space.

I was going to post this link on my FB page. Of my 250 friends, I would guess about 230 of them are graduates of WVU’s teacher ed’ program, ranging in ages from 23-30. I think they might really hate these visuals and find them offensive, partly from the visuals but the idea of the nature of the communication they are engaging in. BUT, this is a perfect posting to the VL-alumni. Plus, I needed to post to see if I still remembered my WordPress login/password.

The Final Photo (maybe)

May 4, 2012

Here’s the group that gathered at Panera on May 3. 6.30 – 8.30 pm. A hats-off to Sonya who traveled from Parkersburg. Not here is Jeff2, Atsuko, and JoJo. You were missed. This is the most important visual of the course.

I could end this blog, I could continue adding visual examples, but I am planning on REMOVING YOUR NAME from the auto-email. Unless I hear otherwise.

I am thinking of starting an IDT-BLOG for this fall, so I’ll let you know if/when that goes up.

Business Model YOU – what’s next?

May 2, 2012

I like the idea of courses providing in their closure, a suggestion of WHAT’S NEXT? Since the theme underlying visual literacy was “your online professional identity,” my next-step suggestion is the book Business Model You. I’m using it to work through some ideas around THURSDAY as well as an even bigger idea than THURSDAY.

I posted this book title on Tracey’s blog, as it relates directly to the customer-orientation she’s interesting in fostering in her responsibilities in Graduate Education, a support unit here at WVU. What the book is about is getting you to think about your “business model.” Every business has one – people may not be aware of it. It’s basically about (a) who is your customer? and (b) what do they need?” Note how this connects with what I said on the TED Talk Summary.

I find that the book could be a jumping off point from this course directly to your career, future directions. After all, your future is based largely on the decisions you make. Keep going!


Neal’s Visual Summary of your TEDs (or LEEs)

May 1, 2012


I screen captured some images of each of the presentations and inserted them in a Keynote presentation (the MAC version of PPT) and was originally looking to a collage of the images on one screen, but then I inserted each image on separate screen and added a title to what I thought your big idea was about, but THEN I thought a better way would be to insert a title about how I thought about the implication of your big idea. Then I narrated about the connections between the 8 TEDs. My first narration crashed when I hit the wrong key. Take 2 on another day, but it was better and shorter. For what it’s worth. I broke my own rule. I did not script this, but I thought I could wing it here, as I run out of gas in May. I try sometimes to provide feedback on everyone’s work in two ways: individual f/back, then collective f/back.

plan b url:

LAST WEEK Course Advisory

April 29, 2012

1. Your TED should be posted on your blog, so people can comment.

2. By the end of this week SUNDAY, please comment on the TEDs. Part of your assessment for the TED is critiquing fellow TED Talkers. I will be posting grades to STAR next Monday morning. 

3. An auto SEI request should be showing up in your MIX mail Monday through Monday. Please comment so I have feedback.

4. Thursday, Panera, 6.30 pm. First agenda item – 6.30. THE CLASS PHOTO, which I’ll post. This is an optional meeting.

Optional F2F Get Together at Panera – Thu May 3 6.30 pm

April 26, 2012

I have no agenda. Sometimes the best agenda is no agenda. I believe (and need) closure. Not everyone does, however. Meet each other and de-brief. Eat something if you need to. I believe we now have more in common than we did before. This is a good learning outcome. WE MUST HAVE A GROUP PHOTO – we’ll do this first thing.